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Amputee Coalition of America, ACA

Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics

4 Military Families.com http://4militaryfamilies.com/   X     X X X X X     X X   X X X   X
A Million Thanks http://www.amillionthanks.org         X       X     X              
Air Force Palace HART http://www.socom.mil/care_coalition/docs/Palace_Hearts.pdf#search='Palace%20hart%20air%20force%20program'   X   X   X X   X     X              
Alabama Job links - State Employment Department https://joblink.alabama.gov/ada/           X     X               X    
Air Force Personnel Center http://ask.afpc.randolph.af.mil/   X     X X X                        
Alaska State Department of Military and Veterans Affairs http://www.ak-prepared.com/dmva/   X   X   X     X X   X             X
AllRetailJobs.com http://www.allretailjobs.com/           X                          
Always A Solider http://www.amc.army.mil/alwaysasoldier/index.htm           X                          
America Supports You http://www.americasupportsyou.mil/americasupportsyou/ X       X   X X X   X X         X X X
American Disability Association http://www.adanet.org/ X X     X X                     X    
American Freedom Foundation http://www.americanfreedomfoundation.org/                       X              
American Legion http://www.legion.org/   X     X   X         X             X
America's Job Bank http://www.ajb.dni.us/           X                          
AMVets http://www.amvets.org/   X     X   X                       X
Any Soldier http://www.anysoldier.com/                       X              
Arizona State Department of Veterans Affairs http://www.azdvs.gov/   X   X X X     X X             X   X
Arizona Workforce Connection http://www.de.state.az.us/oscc/default.asp X       X X     X               X    
Arkansas Department of Workforce Services http://www.arkansas.gov/esd/ X       X X     X               X    
Armed Forces Foundation http://www.armedforcesfoundation.org/                                      
Army Aviation Association http://www.quad-a.org/         X                            
Army Civilian Personnel http://www.cpol.army.mil/           X                          
Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) https://www.aw2.army.mil/       X X X     X               X    
Association of the United States Army http://www.ausa.org/                                      
Blinded Veterans Organization http://www.bva.org/ X X   X X X     X               X X  
California Employment Development Department http://www.edd.cahwnet.gov/ X       X X     X               X    
California State Department of Veterans Affairs http://www.cdva.ca.gov/ X X   X X X     X X   X         X   X
Career Command Post http://www.careercommandpost.com/ccp.cfm           X                          
CAUSE (Comfort for Americanís Uniformed Service Elite http://www.cause-usa.org                       X              
Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund http://www.cfsrf.org/         X                            
Coalition of Troop Support http://www.cotsupport.org/   X         X   X     X              
Coalition to Salute America's Heroes http://saluteheroes.org/index.htm X         X X       X X X X       X  
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment http://www.coworkforce.com/ X       X X                     X    
Connecticut Department of labor http://www.ctdol.state.ct.us/ X       X X                     X    
DANTES - Defense Activities for Non-trad.Ed. Support http://www.dantes.doded.mil/dantes_web/danteshome.asp?Flag=True       X X X                     X    
Defenders of Freedom http://defendersoffreedom.us/                       X              
Delaware Department of Labor http://www.delawareworks.com/default.shtml X       X X     X               X    
Dept. of Navy Civilians Human Resources https://www.donhr.navy.mil/Default.asp           X                          
Disabled American Veterans http://www.dav.org/ X X   X     X         X             X
District of Columbia Dept. of Employment Services http://www.does.dc.gov/does/site/default.asp X       X X     X               X    
Family and Friends for Freedom Fund http://www.injuredmarinesfund.org/             X X X     X           X  
FirstGov.gov http://www.firstgov.gov/index.shtml                 X                    
Fisher House Foundation http://www.fisherhouse.org/ X X     X   X         X X X       X  
Florida Workforce Innovations http://www.floridajobs.org/ X       X X     X                 X  
Freedom Alliance http://www.freedomalliance.org/             X   X     X   X       X  
Georgia Department of Labor http://www.dol.state.ga.us/ X       X X     X               X    
GiBill.com http://www.gibill.com/         X X                     X    
Gold Stars Wives of America, Inc. http://www.goldstarwives.org/resources-military-family.htm X               X     X             X
Grief and Recovery.com http://www.griefandrecovery.com       X         X     X              
hadit.com Veteran to Veteran http://www.hadit.com/   X             X     X             X
Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations http://hawaii.gov/labor/ X       X X     X               X    
Hawaii State Department of Veterans Affairs http://www.dod.state.hi.us/ovs/ X X   X   X X     X   X             X
Helmets to Hardhats http://helmetstohardhats.org/         X X                     X    
Helping Our Heroes Foundation http://www.hohf.org/links.htm   X   X   X X X X     X   X     X X  
Hero to Hero http://www.herotohero.us/                                      
Heroes to Hometowns http://www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil/dav/lsn/LSN/BINARY_RESOURCE/BINARY_CONTENT/1832041.pdf   X                   X              
Hire Veterans.com http://www.hireveterans.com           X                          
HireVetsFirst http://www.hirevetsfirst.gov/   X       X     X     X              
Homefront America, Inc http://www.homefrontamerica.org             X X X         X       X  
Homes for our Troops http://www.homesforourtroops.org X                   X X X            
Idaho Commerce and Labor http://cl.idaho.gov/DNN/Default.aspx?alias=cl.idaho.gov/dnn/idcl X       X X     X               X    
Idaho State Department of Veterans Affairs http://www.veterans.idaho.gov/ X X   X X X     X X             X   X
Illinois Department of Employment Services http://www.ides.state.il.us/ X       X X     X               X    
Indiana Workforce Development http://www.state.in.us/dwd/ X       X X     X               X    
Iowa Workforce Development http://www.iowajobs.org/ X       X X     X               X    
Iraq War Veterans Organization http://www.iraqwarveterans.org/index.html                                      
Job Accommodation Network http://www.jan.wvu.edu/           X                          
Jobs4HR.com http://jobs4hr.com/           X                          
JobsInLogistics.com http://www.jobsinlogistics.com           X                          
LocalCareers.com http://localcareers.com/           X                          
Kansas Job Links https://www.kansasjoblink.com/ada/ X       X X     X               X    
Kentucky Office of Employment and Training http://www.desky.org/ X       X X     X               X    
Louisiana Works Department of Labor http://www.ldol.state.la.us/ X       X X     X               X    
Maine Career Center http://www.mainecareercenter.com/ X       X X     X               X    
Marines for Life https://www.m4l.usmc.mil/ X X     X X X X X     X   X X X X X X
Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, & Regulation http://www.dllr.state.md.us/index.html X       X X     X               X    
Massachusetts Workforce Development http://www.mass.gov/?pageID=dlwdhomepage&L=1&L0=Home&sid=Edwd X       X X     X               X    
Michigan Talent Bank http://www.michworks.org/mtb/user/MTB_EMPL.EntryMainPage X       X X     X               X    
Mil2civ.com http://mil2civ.com/destiny/index.jsp           X                          
Military Assistance Program Central http://www.dod.mil/mapcentral/         X X     X               X    
Military Exits http://www.militaryexits.com/           X X                        
Military Family Program http://www.carlisle.army.mil/usawc/dclm/joint.htm   X     X X X   X                    
Military Homefront http://www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil/portal/page/itc/MHF/MHF_HOMEPAGE   X     X X X   X     X         X   X
Military Job Zone http://www.militaryjobzone.com/           X                          
Military OneSource http://www.militaryonesource.com/skins/MOS/home.aspx         X X X X X     X X   X X X    
Military Order of the Purple Heart http://www.purpleheart.org/   X     X       X                   X
Military Severely Injured Center Support http://www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil/portal/page/itc/MHF/MHF_HOME_1?section_id=20.40.500.393. X X   X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Military Spot http://militaryspot.com         X X   X X     X     X   X   X
Military Spouse Career Center http://www.military.com/spouse1         X X X                   X    
Military Stars http://www.militarystars.com/career_expos_dallas.htm           X                          
Military, Veteran, Family Assistance Foundation http://www.mvfa.org/       X     X   X             X     X
Military.com http://www.military.com         X X X   X                    
Militaryspouses.com http://militaryspouses.com/destiny/index.jsp           X X   X                    
MilSpouse.org http://www.milspouse.org/           X X                        
Minnesota Depart. of Employment and Economic Dev. http://www.deed.state.mn.us/ X       X X X   X               X    
Mississippi Employment Security Department http://mdes.ms.gov/wps/portal/#null X       X X     X               X    
Missouri Workforce Resource http://www.greathires.org/ X       X X     X               X    
Montana Department of Labor and Industries http://jsd.dli.state.mt.us/default.asp X       X X     X               X    
National Amputation Foundation http://www.nationalamputation.org/ X X             X     X              
National Center for PTSD http://www.ncptsd.va.gov/       X         X                   X
National Military Family Association http://www.nmfa.org/site/PageServer   X X X X   X   X     X             X
National Veterans Association Foundation http://www.nvaf.com/   X             X     X             X
National Veterans Legal Services Program http://www.nvlsp.org/index.html                             X        
National Veterans Foundation http://www.nvf.org/ X X   X X   X X X X   X X X   X   X X
National Veterans Training Institute http://www.nvti.cudenver.edu/home/homePage.htm         X X     X               X    
Nebraska Workforce Development http://www.dol.state.ne.us/ X       X X     X               X    
Nevada Depart.of Employment, Training, and Rehab. http://detr.state.nv.us/ X       X X     X               X    
Nevada State Department of Veterans Affairs http://veterans.nv.gov/ X       X X     X               X    
New Hampshire Employment Security http://www.nhes.state.nh.us/ X       X X     X               X    
New Jersey Depart. of Labor & Workforce Development http://www.state.nj.us/labor/ X       X X     X               X    
New Mexico Depart. of Labor - Employment Connection http://www.dol.state.nm.us/ X       X X     X               X    
New York Department of Labor - Workforce http://www.labor.state.ny.us/index.html X       X X     X               X    
North Carolina Employment Security Commission http://www.ncesc.com/ X       X X     X               X    
North Dakota Job Services http://www.jobsnd.com/ X       X X     X               X    
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services http://jfs.ohio.gov/ X       X X     X               X    
Oklahoma Employment Security Commission http://www.oesc.state.ok.us/ X       X X     X               X    
Old War Dogs http://www.oldwardogs.us/                       X              
Operation Education http://www.uihome.uidaho.edu/OperationEducation/         X                            
Operation Family Fund http://www.operationfamilyfund.org/         X   X X X X   X X     X   X  
Operation First Response http://www.operationfirstresponse.org/             X   X     X           X  
Operation Forever Free http://www.operationforeverfree.org/about.html X           X X     X X           X  
Operation Hero Miles http://www.heromiles.org/                                   X  
Operation Second Chance http://www.operationsecondchance.org/About.htm X           X   X   X X              
Oregon Employment Department http://www.employment.oregon.gov/ x       X X                     X    
Oregon State Department of Veterans Affairs http://www.odva.state.or.us/ X X   X X X     X X             X   X
Ourfallensoldier.com http://ourfallensoldier.com             X         X              
Paralyzed Veterans of America http://www.pva.org/site/PageServer X X     X X X   X   X X       X X   X
Patriot Guard Riders http://patriotguard.org/                       X              
Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry http://www.dli.state.pa.us/landi/site/default.asp X       X X                     X    
Pentagon Federal Credit Union Foundation http://www.pentagonfoundation.org/support/militaryheroes.html     X       X X           X       X  
Post War Military Family Needs http://www.postwarmilitaryfamilyneeds.org/     X       X X X         X       X  
Quintessential Careers http://www.quintcareers.com/           X                          
REALifelines http://dol.gov/elaws/realifelines.htm           X                          
Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training http://www.dlt.state.ri.us/ X       X X                     X    
Safe Harbor http://www.npc.navy.mil/CommandSupport/SafeHarbor/ X X   X X X X   X     X       X X   X
SBA Veterans Business Development http://www.sba.gov/vets/           X                          
Scholarships for Military Children http://www.militaryscholar.org/         X             X              
Snowball Express http://www.snowballexpress.org/                       X              
Social Security Administration http://www.socialsecurity.gov/               X X                    
Soldier Reintegration Program. OR NG       X     X   X     X       X     X
Soldier's Angels http://www.soldiersangels.org/heroes/default.php                       X              
Soldier's Heart http://www.soldiersheart.org/aboutus/                       X              
South Carolina Employment Security Commission http://www.sces.org/ X       X X     X               X    
South Dakota Department of Labor http://www.sces.org/ X       X X     X               X    
Special Operations Warrior Foundation http://www.specialops.org/       X X                            
Spouses to Teachers http://www.spousestoteachers.com/         X X                     X    
TAOnline.com http://www.taonline.com/           X     X                    
TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) http://www.taps.org/   X         X X X           X       X
Tennessee Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development http://www.state.tn.us/labor-wfd/ X       X X     X               X    
Texas Workforce http://www.twc.state.tx.us/ X       X X                     X    
The Military Family Network http://www.emilitary.org/                 X     X              
The Military Coalition http://www.themilitarycoalition.org/   X             X     X              
Tricare http://www.tricare.osd.mil/       X                       X      
Troops to Teachers http://www.dantes.doded.mil/dantes_Web/troopstoteachers/index.asp         X X                     X    
U.S. Dept. of Labor http://www.dol.gov/ X X       X     X               X    
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs http://www.va.gov/ X X   X X X       X   X       X X   X
U.S. Vets http://www.usvetsinc.org/                   X                  
Uniformed Services Benefits Association http://www.naus.org/why/why.html   X                                  
United Service Organization http://www.uso.org/whatwedo/specialprograms/                 X     X              
United States Wounded Soldiers Foundation http://www.uswoundedsoldiers.com/             X   X     X X            
United We Serve http://www.corporateface.com/unitedweservemil.org/             X         X              
USA Cares http://www.usacares.us/about.htm             X X X     X   X       X  
USA JOBS http://usajobs.opm.gov/           X                          
US Vets http://www.usvetsinc.org/                   X                  
Utah Department of Workforce Services http://jobs.utah.gov/jobseeker/dwsdefault.asp X       X X     X               X    
Vermont Department of Labor http://labor.vermont.gov/           X                          
Veterans and Families Coming Home http://www.veteransandfamilies.org/page/page/1349529.htm       X X X X   X     X             X
Veterans Assistance Foundation http://www.veteransassistance.org/ez.php?Page=3186       X   X X   X X     X     X X X X
Veterans Intervention Program (VIP) http://www.vipofamerica.org/index1.html       X X X     X             X X   X
Veterans of Foreign Wars http://www.vfw.org/   X     X   X X X     X             X
Veterans Today http://www.veteranstoday.com/index.html         X X   X X     X         X   X
VetJobs.com http://www.vetjobs.com/           X                          
Vets4Hire http://www.vets4hire.com/destiny/index.jsp           X                          
Vetsofcolor.com http://www.vetsofcolor.com/destiny/index.jsp           X                          
Vetsucess.gov http://www.vetsuccess.gov/           X                          
Virginia Employment Commission http://www.vec.virginia.gov/vecportal/index.cfm X       X X     X               X    
WA State Department of Veterans Affairs http://www.dva.wa.gov/ X X   X X X X     X             X   X
Warriors to Work program http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/w2w/                       X              
Washington Employment Security Dept. WorkSource https://fortress.wa.gov/esd/worksource/Employment.aspx X       X X     X               X    
West Virginia Workforce http://www.wvbep.org/bep/default.htm           X                          
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development http://www.dwd.state.wi.us/ X       X X     X                 X  
Wounded Heroes http://www.woundedheroesfund.net/             X X       X   X         X
Wounded Soldiers http://www.woundedsoldiers.net/             X         X              
Wounded Warrior Project http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/site/c.iqLTI2OBKlF/b.1109075/k.9013/Headquarters.htm X X     X X X   X   X X         X X X
Wounded Warriors http://www.woundedwarriors.org                       X              
Wyoming Department of Workforce Services http://www.wyomingworkforce.org/ X       X X     X               X    
Yellow Ribbon Fund, Inc. http://www.yellowribbonfund.com/yellowribbonfund/about.cfm           X           X         X    

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