Burt Visits MATC

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Bob Nilsson

Chasity Mims

Bob Bahr

Bo Bergeron

Mike Lancaster
(Wheelchair Pete Lancaster's son)

Kelly McGaughey

Adele Levine

SGT Francisco Hahn

Carla Alexis

SGT David Lainez & Carla

SSG Sara Sutton & Dave Martin

Etaine Norris Raphael

Kerry Quinn

SGT Francisco Hahn

Julie Castles

LTC Shannon Lynch

Steve Springer

Jeff Pearce

Colonel Paul Stoneman (PT Chief)

Sue Waddingham

Lina Czubas/Colonel Paul Stoneman

Lina Czubas/Bo Bergeron

Dave Beachler

Lina Czubas

Kristina O'Conner & Derek McConnell

Lina Czubas & Will Parker

Siobhan Mary Fuller
Derek McConnell's Mom

Bob Bahr

Bob & Allison Lockshin

Kyla Dunlavey

Jim Mayer (The Milk Shake Man)
Megan Bunce
(Wounded Warrior Project)

Howard Clarke

Col Stoneman, Burt, Sgt Hahn,
Bob Bahr & Melody Barry

Melody Barry

Tyler Southern

Kaitlin Murphy

Laura Friedman

Laura Friedman & Don Patterson

Ross Colquhoun

Joe Butkus

Bill Bonde & Tony Horton
from P90X Workout Video

Tony Horton P90X Workout Video

1stSgt Michael Barrett

Lunch Bunch

Joe Bowser

Rose Mologne

Cameo Atkins

Greg Loomis

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