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Orthopedic Cane Program for
Walking Wounded

Donated to us & provided FREE for all OIF~OEF
wounded service personel by www.oohrah.net

      The orthopedic cane program was started by Don Patterson of www.oohrah.net after seeing the need by amputees who have their new posthetics, who also have hand injuries.

      Normally, whenever a person who has (example: a hip replacement), they first go to a walker, then to a set of crutches and finally to a cane for support.

      In the case of a person who has lost their leg(s) they start out with their new posthetic(s) and go to full weight bearing onto the canes without the benefit of a walker or crutches. If they are using the round top cane then they get blisters. If they have hand injuries, the round handle is difficult to hold & opens their wounds.

      The orthopedic canes have a form fitting handle that feels good in the hand and distributes the weight better. The reports we have been getting is that they are of a tremendous advantage and they have a better balance and support when using the ortho canes.

      These orthopedic canes are 100% donated by individuals and various organizations, such as the Heart of a Marine Foundation, to Don at www.oohrah.net/canes. Don distributes the ortho canes at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to any of the wounded patients. The hospital physical therapy people guide me as to who is ready for and need these orthopedic canes.

      It does not matter to us if the wounded person is Marine, Army, Navy, Air Force or National Guard, if you are wounded in OIF~OEF and need an orthopedic cane... we will give them to you.

      Due to the high cost of medical equipment, we have become a dealer for these orthopedic canes and cut our cost by 50%.

      All of our orthopedic canes are purchased thru your donations. 100% of all donations go to their purchase and they are given to our service personel FREE of charge.

You can send your donations to:

    Don Patterson
    P.O. Box 315
    Benedict, MD 20612

      Make checks payable to: Don Patterson
On your check memo line put: For Walking Wounded Ortho Canes Program

Thank you
Don Patterson

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