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July Holiday Newsletter

Humanitarian Award given to
Gunnery Sergeant (Ret) Mario Monaco
at the Pentagon, Oct 30, 2007.

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G Company Family Day

2010 Golf Outing SOLD OUT

John and MGen Kelley at the spot where J.T. fell and the other shows a t-shirt that John left on the wall memorializing his son. I got an email from John while he was in Iraq describing the moment he finally got to where he has been trying to get for almost 4 years. First Sergeant Hanse will recall that the night we made the official notification to the Wroblewski family John asked whether he could go to where J.T. had been shot. We said no that night for obvious reasons, but John's persistence and patience (not to mention the affect of the Surge in reducing violence there) led ultimately to last week's emotional visit.

In John's words:

"We were able to get to the exact spot were J.T. fell. I stood on that spot and prayed .....I had a Memorial there reading out all the names of all who fell on that day. We had a moment of silence and then all the Marines [of 2/8] let out a big Hoo Rah!!!! I left some items from home"

Golf Company 232nd USMC Ball
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